MountainWest | REPAIRS
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Ski & Snowboard Tuning and Repair


Full tune – $70

Includes: Base Cleaning, Basic Base Repair*, Machine Belt Sanding, Machine Stonegrind, Machine Edge Sharpening, 1-5 degree bevel available, Waxing

Mini Tune – $40

Includes: Base Cleaning, Machine Edge, Sharpening,
1-5 degree bevel available, Waxing. No Basic Base Repair.

Base patch or core shot repair – $20+

(based on size of damage)

Base patch with edge repair – $50+

(based on size of damage)

Edge or top sheet delamination – $20+

(based on size of damage)

Additional P-Tex fill – $20+

(beyond basic full tune coverage)

Belt Wax – $10

Hot wax with friction belt machine

Hand Hot Wax – $20

Longer lasting Iron hot wax-all temp ranges

Minimum Labor/Service Charge – $15

Shop Labor Rate per Hour – $60


New Ski Preparation & Binding Mount – $70

Mount & Release Test. De-tune Tips and Tails, Waxing.

New Snowboard Preparation & Binding Mount – $40

Binding Mount. De-tune Tip & Tail, Waxing.

Binding Remount & Release Test – $70

Binding Release Test & Adjustment – $25


Minimum Labor – $30

Boot Stretch/Punch (Per Boot) – $25

(includes one follow up)

Shell Grind (per pair) – $25

Heat Mold Boot Liners (per pair) – $30

Only for new boots w/heat reactant liners

Heel Wrap (per pair)- $25

Pro Boot Canting (per pair) – $25

Heel Lift (per pair) – $15

*Basic Base Repair covers P-Tex filling of light /medium base scratches and cuts acquired during normal use or wear. Basic Base Repair does not include the repair of deep core gashes, delimitation, blown or torn edges.